Sell More Books. Earn More Cash

More sales, more cash for you.

There are four ways Author Clearance helps authors to make money from their works:

  1. When you join Lead Authors, you become a member of an exclusive cooperative network of authors. Every member commits to buying a minimum of $100 annually from other members. $100 in a year isn’t a lot (just 27 cents a day!), but added together, that could result a huge overall sale for our authors.
  2. Free tools to build a following and sell more books. Author Clearance provides a direct-to-consumer distribution platform, built on social connection between author and followers/readers. Build online engagement and community – post articles and updates for your followers. Build more brand awareness and loyalty. Sell more books.
  3. Earn at least 10% more royalty. No matter what your publisher is paying you (or printer, if you self-published), it is probably not enough. Author Clearance will pay you 10% flat royalty every time your book is sold on the platform, as long as you are a member of Lead Authors. All your have to do is send your readers to your Author Clearance store front. They buy, we ship; you earn 10% income, IN ADDITION to your standard royalty rate from your publisher. Yes, you earn double – first, a huge profit from your Author Clearance sales, and second, royalty income from your original publisher/distributor. We certainly think it is only fair for authors and creatives like you should earn more from their work.
  4. If your are a creative – editor, graphic designer etc., you can earn 90% income each time your sell your service on the platform. We connect you with writers who are looking for your services.
  5. Join our Lead Authors now and start earning more money for your work.

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