• Called to Truth : A Practical, Biblical Guide to Spiritual and Physical Wholeness


    Called to Truth by Denise White presents the truth of God’s word unapologetically to anyone who is hungry for God’s power, healing and breakthrough, even in this skeptical age. For those desiring healing or breakthrough, the Holy Spirit is poised to release His miraculous grace in your life as you read this book with an open mind. There is a real possibility that this book will help you receive the spiritual gifts which God has planned for you. As the Scripture promises us, if we are willing and obedient to God’s truth, we will surely eat the good of the land (Isaiah 1:19).


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    DENISE WHITE has been married for 31 years and has two children. Denise is a follower of Jesus Christ. Her faith has brought her peace and victory. Denise has a B.S. Degree and is a member of Delta Mu Delta. She has enjoyed her career in educating children. Denise’s ministries have included ministering in the marketplace, children’s groups, homeless women, and foster care ministry.


    Click to play short video, as Denise White, author of Called to Truth, speaks from her heart to yours about this important work:



    Denise White, author of called to Truth, speaks from her heart

  • The Unbelievable Plight of Mrs. Wright

    “Diana Wright has a very important story to tell. Not only in her upbringing and how she funneled the energy from her difficult past into the fuel that made her a self-made millionaire, but also how she uses the same methodical planning and positive outlook to save herself from a cancer death sentence. Should people be submissive to the system when it comes to their own health? If Diana had been, she would not be alive today.” – Greta Valenti and Robin Davey, Directors of The Unbelievable Plight of Mrs Wright film.


    The Unbelievable Plight of Mrs. Wright is the incredible true story of American nurse and self-made millionaire, Diana Wright. Overcoming poverty and abuse growing up, Wright built a multi-million dollar business devoted to improving the quality of life for nurses, only to be given a terminal cancer death sentence by the very industry she dedicated her life to.

  • Saving Joey: Based on true story of an American foundling (Joey’s Journey Series Book 1)

    Joey’s Journey is a children’s book series based on the true story of a foundling, Mr. Joseph Wood, the current County Judge for Washington County in Arkansas.. The aim of this series is to encourage adoption, inspire young people in the foster care system, motivate parents and young children to believe for a better tomorrow, and facilitate conversations about role of the family and our ability to transform lives.

    Saving Joey (Book 1) is the story of a young, black, teenage girl who abandons her newborn. She wraps her baby in a blanket and places him in a basket. Leaving him on the streets of Chicago in below-freezing temperature, she waits for her baby to be found. Why? Fortunately, a man rescues the newborn, Joey, from the snow and ice-covered stairs one late evening as he was going to work. With neighbors and police involved, Joey is sure to have a future, after all.

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