• 22 Hours of Grace: A Journey of Letting Go. By Meghan Santel & Jessica Wood


    22 HOURS OF GRACE: After many ups and downs, Meghan finally felt like life was in a good place. She and her husband had reconciled their marriage, their two boys were happy and healthy, and they were now pregnant with what they hoped would be their first daughter. Then, an ultrasound revealed that, although it was, indeed, the girl of their dreams, she had a terminal birth defect known as anencephaly. After resisting pressure to have an abortion, Meghan went on to give birth to Evelynn Grace and learned that everything she was searching for is on the other side of letting go.

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    “I couldn’t put this book down. The twists and turns of Meghan’s life had me hooked from the very beginning. As a dad, it broke my heart, but even more so it opened my eyes to the impact that one person’s decision can make on so many lives. This story will serve as my reminder to consider that what appears to be the more difficult path, is often the most rewarding.” — Josh Turner, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author.


    Meghan and Jessica are childhood friends. With the help of grandparents and babysitters, they met at coffee shops to work on this book. It took them two years to complete.

    Meghan Santel: Meghan lives in rural Illinois and is the personal chef and Uber driver to her husband and three sons. She is passionate about bringing awareness to anencephaly, the birth defect that afflicted her late daughter, and encouraging others to trust in God’s plan when an unborn child is terminally diagnosed.

    Jessica Wood Jessica lives in Illinois with her family. This is her first of many published books.

  • Beer, Wine, or Vodka?: What Should I Drink and How Much for Better Health?

    Dr. Dasgupta, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of Texas-Houston Medical School, provides some of the most trusted guidelines for safe and beneficial alcohol use. A must read before your next alcoholic beverage. Yes, you can drink to that.


    Definitely a must read before consuming your next alcoholic beverage. Dr. Dasgupta, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of Texas-Houston Medical School, provides one of the most trusted guidelines for safe and beneficial alcohol use. Approximately 60% of Americans consume alcohol. While drinking in excess may pose health risks, scientific research shows that drinking in moderation has many health benefits, including protection from heart diseases. Drawing from his decades of experience in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Dr. Dasgupta shows: What exactly it means to drink in moderation in very practical terms. Why it is better to drink alcohol with food, than on an empty stomach. That red wine is superior because it contains many beneficial antioxidants present in grapes. Practical guidelines for how much alcohol is safe for different groups – women, men, people over 65 years old. How much you should drink depending on your body weight. Why drinking in excess may lead to many health hazards including liver cirrhosis, a life threatening illness.


    Editor’s Note: For each book sold, Publisher will donate $1 towards establishing resource centers for orphanages in developing countries, so those amazing kids may learn to read, dream, and grow.

  • Called to Truth : A Practical, Biblical Guide to Spiritual and Physical Wholeness


    Called to Truth by Denise White presents the truth of God’s word unapologetically to anyone who is hungry for God’s power, healing and breakthrough, even in this skeptical age. For those desiring healing or breakthrough, the Holy Spirit is poised to release His miraculous grace in your life as you read this book with an open mind. There is a real possibility that this book will help you receive the spiritual gifts which God has planned for you. As the Scripture promises us, if we are willing and obedient to God’s truth, we will surely eat the good of the land (Isaiah 1:19).


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    DENISE WHITE has been married for 31 years and has two children. Denise is a follower of Jesus Christ. Her faith has brought her peace and victory. Denise has a B.S. Degree and is a member of Delta Mu Delta. She has enjoyed her career in educating children. Denise’s ministries have included ministering in the marketplace, children’s groups, homeless women, and foster care ministry.


    Click to play short video, as Denise White, author of Called to Truth, speaks from her heart to yours about this important work:



    Denise White, author of called to Truth, speaks from her heart

  • Dry Bones: Redeeming Your Past Kindle Edition


    “In Dry Bones: Redeeming Your Past, Kevin Goos graciously takes us on his journey from failure and shame to restoration. His transparency is refreshing and inspiring! Kevin shares with us, his God-given, biblical and doable tools so that we too can be restored from woundedness and possible bad choices from our past to help others. Dry Bones may trigger tears of joy if you’re willing to face your past with God, accept God’s forgiveness and learn to experience God’s hope and grace for your restoration or for someone wounded. This is a must read!”Dr. Clarence Shuler, President/CEO of BLR: Building Lasting Relationships. Co-authored with Dr. Gary Chapman, Choose Greatness.

    Dry Bones: Redeeming Your Past Kindle Edition

  • Mentoring Warriors: Coming Alongside men 18-30 years old


    “Tackling the challenging topic of how to be a mentor and how to be mentored, David brings his decades of mentoring practice to the page. Insightful and transparent, David shares himself and his experience. Going deeper into the “hows” and “whys” of good mentoring practices, he brings practical, biblical advice for those desiring to make a signifi cant diff erence in the lives of others.” – Jeff Turner, TNW Group, Founder and Former CEO, Spirit Aerosystems.

  • Of Guilt And Grace: Ten Lessons from Achan about Sin and Salvation


    “Matt’s book, ‘Of Guilt and Grace’ is a masterpiece of understanding the impact of sin and its ongoing ramifications. The good news about sin is God’s grace. Matt elegantly explains how God’s grace is the antidote to our sin issue. ‘Of Guilt and Grace’ is well thought out and a must read for anyone desiring to understand the relationship between our sin and God’s grace. I would highly recommend this book!” – Tyson Priest, D. Min, Pastor, the River, Lapel, In. & Motivational Speaker.

  • Oh Da Joy: A conversation in the art of joyful living


    This is a conversation in the very art of joyful living, not a thesis or research. It is a discussion from the heart. For in the end, it is with the reader’s heart that they will find a way to live joyfully. This is for those who want to grow in Joy and for those whose smiles cannot really hide their pain and sorrow as they start the journey toward a life of joy and peace.

  • Passionate Christianity: Reclaiming your first love


    “In Passionate Christianity, Susan Ellis stands with the great revivalist John Wesley, in reminding us that true renewal is only found in returning to that which is old; in passionately pursuing the timeless rather than being distracted by the temporal; in setting aside the fashionable and humbly submitting to the eternal Word of God.” – Everett Piper, PhD. President, Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

  • The Art of Being Whole: A personal account of grit, love, and fearless


    “What a big journey this man had, and his childhood broke my heart, but to see him come full circle is completely joyful. We all have the chance and ability to change and move forward to become our greatest potential. This book inspired me to be greater, better, kinder, and more loving. We need more books like this in the world during a time of upheaval and chaos. Bravo.”

    – Kristy Watson, Chief Marketing Office, Erno Laszlo Skin Care.

  • An Unexpected End: The lessons I learned through faith, marriage, and divorce


    “We sometimes get blindsided by life. In An Unexpected End, author provides practical tips to help you recover from life’s unexpected challenges.”

    When Alexa got married, it was to the man of her dreams. A few years into the marriage, problems such as addiction and physical aggression arose, and divorce became her new reality. Sharing honestly about her struggles, including control and bitterness, she provides insight into the bondage which can occur in an unhealthy relationship.

    The struggles she encountered and her lessons learned are insightful. Hoping others will learn from her mistakes and observations, Alexa shares her story. She encourages people to consider reconciliation when possible and to turn to the Lord for guidance, no matter what the situation.

  • Discovering True Love: A true story of how I learned to love in very difficult circumstances

    In Discovering True Love, H.E. Olsen takes you on a true life, up and down journey based on heartache, pain, and the promise of victory. She goes through childhood with wide-eyed optimism. And enters into a relationship, thinking she has found true love. Soon enough though, her happiness becomes short-lived, as she realizes something is wrong. Through harsh circumstances and ill treatment, her world crashes. She starts to struggle. Depression, anger, and hate threaten to consume her. However, having hit rock-bottom, H.E. Olsen miraculously finds a new beginning. She sees and understands that her version of true love was false. She begins to study love through the Bible, and what she uncovers brings her back to life. Discover what she found in her search for true love, and the joy of her new life.

  • Evidence – A Faith Journey: Summer Camp Study Guide for Children Leaders and Teachers

    Sound biblical apologetics for young minds! Perfect for vacation bible school (VBS), children summer camp, youth retreat, children study groups.

    Every young person needs to be armed with bold and solid faith. Our faith is not blind! The Evidence curriculum is designed to give young believers confidence in their beliefs – that these are concrete. They need to be prepared to give a defense

    for their faith, same as big people! When children begin to see that the Bible is not the only source of our faith, but that archeology, eye witness accounts, and creation actually support our beliefs, it is a game changer! They feel more confident in their salvation, as well as confident in sharing their faith with others.

    The Evidence curriculum explores faith from the perspective of apologetics. Creation theories are discussed and thoroughly examined. Evidence for creation is given. The eye witness accounts of Jesus Christ are explored. Archeology is discovered in a way that many students have never heard. Partner this evidential apologetics with true Bible stories such as Ehud the Judge, Jesus’ miracles and the Tower of Babel, and you have a dynamic way to grow the faith of students.

    Note: Both print and electronic version (PDF) included in this purchase. Immediate download of ebook while you wait for arrival of print version.

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