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  • 22 Hours of Grace: A Journey of Letting Go. By Meghan Santel & Jessica Wood


    22 HOURS OF GRACE: After many ups and downs, Meghan finally felt like life was in a good place. She and her husband had reconciled their marriage, their two boys were happy and healthy, and they were now pregnant with what they hoped would be their first daughter. Then, an ultrasound revealed that, although it was, indeed, the girl of their dreams, she had a terminal birth defect known as anencephaly. After resisting pressure to have an abortion, Meghan went on to give birth to Evelynn Grace and learned that everything she was searching for is on the other side of letting go.

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    “I couldn’t put this book down. The twists and turns of Meghan’s life had me hooked from the very beginning. As a dad, it broke my heart, but even more so it opened my eyes to the impact that one person’s decision can make on so many lives. This story will serve as my reminder to consider that what appears to be the more difficult path, is often the most rewarding.” — Josh Turner, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author.


    Meghan and Jessica are childhood friends. With the help of grandparents and babysitters, they met at coffee shops to work on this book. It took them two years to complete.

    Meghan Santel: Meghan lives in rural Illinois and is the personal chef and Uber driver to her husband and three sons. She is passionate about bringing awareness to anencephaly, the birth defect that afflicted her late daughter, and encouraging others to trust in God’s plan when an unborn child is terminally diagnosed.

    Jessica Wood Jessica lives in Illinois with her family. This is her first of many published books.

  • Courageous Faith: Gives you all. Demands your all. By Ron Brown, PhD.

    Scripture defines Faith as “being sure of what we hope for. It is being sure of what we do not see.” It is founded upon a compelling and often perplexing belief in both God – and the unique calling He has planted in our heart. The pursuit of our heart’s desires will always begin, and then be sustained, by a series of simple, yet often heart-wrenching steps of faith. Steps that eventually lead one toward the mountaintop of fulfillment, hope and joy – while also requiring that same person to move through pain, loss, and unanswered questions along the way. To succeed on this journey, you will need to tightly couple courage with belief. This book will prepare you to do that!

  • Adopting Joey: Sequel to Saving Joey: A True Life Story (Joey Journey Series) (Joey’s Journey)

    The second book in the Joey’s Journey book series.

    What happens after Joey was rescued from the snow and ice one wintry Chicago evening? Adopting Joey is a twenty-page illustrated children’s book. It continues the love story following Joey’s Journey. Adopting Joey is the story of Lori and Vester, a young married couple who are heartbroken because they could not have children of their own. After giving it much thought and prayer, they decide to share their love and lives by becoming foster parents. Lori and Vester visit the children in foster care at St. Vincent’s Orphanage and adopt a little boy named Joey.


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    Joseph K. Wood is a foundling. Abandoned as a newborn on the streets of Chicago, he would later be adopted from St. Vincent’s Orphanage. Joseph became a teen leader in the tough neighborhood of Jeffery Manor. Since then, he has grown and has held key leadership positions as a bank examiner with Illinois Commissioner of Banks, assistant director with the University of Chicago Booth School, head of recruitment at Walmart International and Deputy Secretary of State for the Arkansas Secretary of State Office. Joseph Wood is an elected official and currently serves in Arkansas as the Washington County Judge.

  • Discovering True Love: A true story of how I learned to love in very difficult circumstances

    In Discovering True Love, H.E. Olsen takes you on a true life, up and down journey based on heartache, pain, and the promise of victory. She goes through childhood with wide-eyed optimism. And enters into a relationship, thinking she has found true love. Soon enough though, her happiness becomes short-lived, as she realizes something is wrong. Through harsh circumstances and ill treatment, her world crashes. She starts to struggle. Depression, anger, and hate threaten to consume her. However, having hit rock-bottom, H.E. Olsen miraculously finds a new beginning. She sees and understands that her version of true love was false. She begins to study love through the Bible, and what she uncovers brings her back to life. Discover what she found in her search for true love, and the joy of her new life.

  • Evidence – A Faith Journey: Summer Camp Study Guide for Children Leaders and Teachers

    Sound biblical apologetics for young minds! Perfect for vacation bible school (VBS), children summer camp, youth retreat, children study groups.

    Every young person needs to be armed with bold and solid faith. Our faith is not blind! The Evidence curriculum is designed to give young believers confidence in their beliefs – that these are concrete. They need to be prepared to give a defense

    for their faith, same as big people! When children begin to see that the Bible is not the only source of our faith, but that archeology, eye witness accounts, and creation actually support our beliefs, it is a game changer! They feel more confident in their salvation, as well as confident in sharing their faith with others.

    The Evidence curriculum explores faith from the perspective of apologetics. Creation theories are discussed and thoroughly examined. Evidence for creation is given. The eye witness accounts of Jesus Christ are explored. Archeology is discovered in a way that many students have never heard. Partner this evidential apologetics with true Bible stories such as Ehud the Judge, Jesus’ miracles and the Tower of Babel, and you have a dynamic way to grow the faith of students.

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  • Gaudy Baubles and Fartworms: An Insider’s Guide to Welfare

    “Terry Smith has spent twenty-six years serving the citizenry, and in this book, he tells it like it is from inside that service. Drawing from decades of compassionate, efficient and effective service, he provides relevant insight and suggestions on how to support and uplift people through the system. He walks us through the history of welfare, from its original beginnings to where it is today; as well as the challenges/bumps it has undergone through the years. He also points out its shortcomings in meeting its mission. If you want to know how a program works, listen to the people implementing it at the grassroots level; and not just to individuals who think they know what is best for the people.” – Nancy Stiles, Former New Hampshire Senator.

    Both print and electronic version (PDF) included in this purchase. Immediate download of ebook while you wait for arrival of print version.

  • Mind-Blown: True Amazing Bible Stories: Summer Camp Curriculum (Two Books in One)

    Christian leaders have found it is increasingly difficult to teach the Word

    of God to students. That is, unless you can “blow their minds”! Engage

    them with highly interactive materials that expose them to things previously

    unimaginable. The Mind-Blowing curriculum partners perfectly with Secret

    Church curriculum for these very reasons. To teach children to love the

    Lord, they must first learn who He is. Naturally, they will be fascinated by

    His works! Only then will they begin to understand why people all over the

    world would allow themselves to be persecuted for the gospel.

    The Mind Blown series is designed to amaze children by God’s true stories,

    while simultaneously teaching the truth of God’s wrath, His faithfulness, and

    His desire for us to follow Him. We do this by diving deep into the lives of

    Elijah, King Nebuchadnezzar, and Korah. Secret Church will combine the

    story of Saul turned Paul with the objective to educate youths about how

    the world around them worships. Compassion, a deeper love for God, and

    awareness are the objectives.The hope is that you are willing to create an

    experience that brings this oppressed setting to life. Syria, North Korea, and

    Iraq are the countries of focus.    

    Both print and electronic version (PDF) included in this purchase. Immediate download of ebook while you wait for arrival of print version.

  • Radical Pursuit: A Young Adult’s Guide to Following Jesus

    Radical Pursuit: A Young Adult’s Guide to Following Jesus is an assembly of related essays that covers a range of important topics regarding the Christian faith, from a young adult’s perspective. This book aims to answer questions about who God is, what it really means to be saved, how to live out Christian principles in a world filled with competing interests, and addresses other topics that may concern a 21st century young adult in regard to Christianity. It is an easy-to-read, practical, and relevant account of the Way of Jesus written by spiritual leaders and scholars. The main goal of this collection of essays is to invite a seeker into the Way of Jesus, and help such a seeker or unchurched young adult connect with Jesus. However, young adults who are already followers of Jesus will find joy and clarity in reading these spiritual essays.

  • Saving Joey: Based on true story of an American foundling (Joey’s Journey Series Book 1)

    Joey’s Journey is a children’s book series based on the true story of a foundling, Mr. Joseph Wood, the current County Judge for Washington County in Arkansas.. The aim of this series is to encourage adoption, inspire young people in the foster care system, motivate parents and young children to believe for a better tomorrow, and facilitate conversations about role of the family and our ability to transform lives.

    Saving Joey (Book 1) is the story of a young, black, teenage girl who abandons her newborn. She wraps her baby in a blanket and places him in a basket. Leaving him on the streets of Chicago in below-freezing temperature, she waits for her baby to be found. Why? Fortunately, a man rescues the newborn, Joey, from the snow and ice-covered stairs one late evening as he was going to work. With neighbors and police involved, Joey is sure to have a future, after all.

    Note: Both print and electronic version (PDF) included in this purchase. Immediate download of ebook while you wait for arrival of print version.

  • Seeds of Greatness Vs. Bully Seeds: Inspirational bed-time story helps kids develop positive mindset and overcome bully seeds

    Hey you?

    Yeah, you!

    Did you know that bullies have been bringing people down for a long time, and they will always be around? That is true, unfortunately!

    But do not fret, there is a secret weapon I’d like to share with you. So, go ahead, sit down, and adjust your thinking crown – as Jenasis and Devin take you on a hilarious and magical seed journey and teach you how to use power-seeds to defeat all the mean old bullies and turn those frowns upside down!!

    Note: Both print and electronic version (PDF) included in this purchase. Immediate download of ebook while you wait for arrival of print version.


    Jaleesia Roberson is the mother of two extraordinary and confident small humans that keep her on her toes and chasing her dreams. You’ll get to experience their larger than life personalities in her debut children’s book, Seeds of Greatness vs. Bully Seeds. When she is not being a mom, she isn’t planting seeds in a garden either. Instead you may find her skydiving, rock climbing, bungee jumping, writing in beautifully decorated places, museums, drawing, or reading. She hasn’t quite gotten around to doing all of those things yet but they are on the list.

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