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The publishing industry is ‘rigged’ in favor of big book retailers (the Barnes & Nobles
and Amazons of this world) and traditional distributors. That is not
finger-pointing. It’s just the plain fact as the industry currently stands.
There is a reason why writers can hardly make a living from their creative

But it is time for authors and small independent publishers to take back more control.
Fortunately, there is something that can be done. This is an industry long overdue for disruptive innovation.

Here is how current distribution process works – content publisher
or manufacturer signs on a distributor or wholesaler, who then signs on
retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. to stock and sale to consumers.
The distributor/wholesaler takes 15-30% of sales price at source, and gives
retailers about 40% discount. By the time manufacturer/publisher takes its cut
from the 30% or so that came in, the author/creator is left with little or
nothing in terms of royalty or profit – about 10% in best case scenario.

Author Clearance is disrupting this distribution process, and
giving authors and creatives more control over distribution of work or content,
by creating opportunity for more direct sales and more income for their works.

Author Clearance
removes the “middleman” in the distribution process, and puts more money in
your pocket. Or, when that is not possible, Author clearance gives authors a
chance to earn additional 10% per title in royalty, simply by engaging their
readers and buyers at Authorclearance platform.

Join other authors who are taking more control over their

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